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Huber Heights, Ohio is located at the true crossroads of America: I-70 and I-75. The City offers beautiful parks and recreational opportunities for every interest, a very diverse population representing many cultures; great schools and athletic programs. We have a strong business community and forward-thinking development opportunities in transportation logistics, research and development, high tech, light industrial, and a host of other enterprises. Our growing residential stock offers housing and lifestyle variety unmatched in our region. Family-centered residential development in beautiful wooded areas, urban settings, and semi-rural neighborhoods makes Huber Heights an attractive town to call home.

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The City of Huber Heights Happy Holidays Huber Heights! Wishing everyone a safe and warm Christmas. City Hall office will be closed beginning at noon on December 24 and closed all day December 25th. The City of Huber Heights The current salt shortage heading into the upcoming winter will affect Huber Heights Public Works Division capabilities to combat future snow removal incidents. What this means for the City of Huber Heights is only major thoroughfares may be able to receive treatments of salt. These thoroughfares shall be recognized as State Routes 201, 202, 4, 235, and may at times only receive salt treatments at intersections only. The remaining thoroughfares and areas of emergency concern, i.e. bridge decks, school areas, bus routes, dangerous hills and curves will receive salt treatments as weather conditions become suitable and the application will be effective. Dependent upon current weather conditions or forecasts these areas may only receive pre-treatments of salt brine. The remaining residential areas will likely only receive treatments of snow being plowed only when there are accumulations of 4 or more inches. In effort to further conserve salt usage the City will be utilizing salt combined with other deicing chemicals such as sugar beet juice and calcium chloride to further reduce the amounts of salt utilized. Please note these types of treatments are only effective in various weather conditions. The use of salt brine and other deicing chemicals has and will continue to reduce the amount of salt required for combating inclement weather conditions. Please note not every inclement winter weather incident is the same and can be very different from one to the last. Each of these has many variables that will always affect the method of treatment or course of action the City is able to utilize. During cases of inclement weather the City will make every feasible effort to keep the roadways as safe as possible. The City of Huber Heights Huber Heights- City Hall shared Every Warrior Plays Project - Help Save Wayne Sports's photo. The City of Huber Heights On December 11, 2014 we completed our third and final pass of leaf pick-up through all city streets. If you should still have leaves to remove from your yard, we would encourage you to bag them up to be picked up with your trash collection service or take them to the Yard Waste Site. The Yard Waste Site will remain open weekdays from 7:30 am until 2:30 pm for leaf or Christmas tree disposal until January 2, 2015, excluding holidays or inclement weather conditions. Thank you and have a Happy Holiday Season! The City of Huber Heights Humane Society of Greater Dayton: Humane Society of Greater Dayton Wish List The City of Huber Heights Tuesday December 9, we will be picking up leaves starting in section #1 moving numerically north throughout the city. Weather permitting this is and will be our third and final pass through out the city.We encourage you to bag and/or take any remaining leaves to the Yard Waste Site or out with your trash collection service for pick up. Should you have any further questions concerning leaf pick up, please call the Public Works Division at 937-233-1562. Thank you and have a great day!
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