Projects - Underway / Upcoming

2017 Projects - Projects Underway/Upcoming

Project Name: 2017 Sidewalk Program

2017 Sidewalk Program for sidewalk listing (PDF) - Is now complete for 2017

Project Location Map (PDF)


  • Section A - A-1 Leveling
  • Section B - American Decorative Concrete
  • Section C - RA Miller

Project Description

Sidewalks are to be repaired that are in poor condition. Section A is replacement of concrete, sidewalks and aprons; Section B is sidewalk blocks raised; and Section C is the concrete portion of the street program.

Project Name: 2017 Street Improvement Program

2017 Street Program - List for street improvements (PDF) - Ongoing through November 15, 2017

2017 Street Listing Map (PDF)


  • Section A Street Improvements - John R. Jurgensen (Milling and Paving)
  • Section B - Pavement Technology, Inc. (Reclamite)
  • Inspectional Services - Bowser Morner

Project Description

Streets have been identified to be repaired that are in poor condition. Section A is Street Improvements; Section B is Reclamite Surfacing; and Inspectional Services.

Project Name: Fishburg Road Realignment - SPRING/WINTER 2018

Project Description

Fishburg Road will be closed starting at the beginning of March 2018 to realign the roadway from Aaron Lane going west about 1,200 feet towards Endicott Road.  A large crest in the road will be cut down and a dip in the road will be filled in so that the roadway will eliminate a traffic sight distance problem. Recently, the City Council approved Brumbaugh Construction to perform the construction. The construction will take 2 to 3 months to complete.

Project Name: HARSHMANVILLE Water Main Replacement Project - 2018

Project Description

The City is in the process of replacing old water main on Harshmanville, Tilbury, Coleraine, and Cranwell. The design has been completed and the project has been submitted to the Ohio Public Works Commission for possible funding. The City hopes to get at least 50-60% of this project funded. Construction will begin in 2018.

Project Name: Waynetowne Boulevard/Merily Way - Old Troy Pike Intersection Improvements

Project Description

Construction Traffic signal and crosswalk revisions to provide two left turn lanes on the Eastbound approach from Kroger and the movie theater. City Council has approved Capital Electric to perform the work and the construction will last about 8 weeks. Construction should begin before year end-2017.