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Posted on: September 18, 2017

Leaf Collection

The City of Huber Heights Public Works Division is planning to begin curbside leaf collection on Monday, November 6th, 2017 and anticipate making two complete passes through the city. Any remaining leaves after that time will need to be taken to the Yard Waste Site. City crews will begin in Section 1 and working through each section numerically north through Section 14. You may witness crews out picking up prior to the start date, however, this is to test and tune the equipment needed for the pickup.

Residents who choose to have their leaves removed by the Public Works Division must pile their leaves between the curb and sidewalk, (as close to the curb as possible). Leaves should not be places in the street or anywhere they could clog any drainage outlet. Care should be taken to remove all sticks and foreign materials other than leaves. Your property will be passed up if there are other items included in your leaf pile. If cars are parked in front of your leaf pile, the leaves will be left until the next pass through the section. The Public Works Division also requests that cars be parked off the street as much as possible during leaf collection to allow for ease and quick pick up. The pace the crews work through leaf collection sections varies based on weather conditions and volume of leaves being collected.

The Public Works Division has a program to provide you with better, updated information about when crews will be in your section. A twenty- four (24) hour answering service is provided that will update the progress of leaf crews each day. Please call to get the recorded message, which will inform you of the particular sections being worked in that day. The recorded leaf hotline phone number is 937.237.3603. You can also visit our Facebook page for daily updates.

Residents looking to dispose of their leaves at any time during the course of leaf pick-up season are encouraged to take their leaves to the Yard Waste Site. The Yard Waste Site will be open 8:00am-2:00pm Monday through Friday for leaf drop off only. Additionally, if your schedule conflicts with the scheduled leaf collection or drop off bagged leaves are able to be placed out with trash for regularly scheduled pick up.

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