Charter Review Commission

The Charter Review Commission is appointed by the City Council.  The City Charter is the constitution of the City of Huber Heights.  In 1983, the City of Huber Heights adopted its current City Charter and became a Council-Manager form of government. The current City Charter was written by an elected Charter Commission chaired by Ints Kaleps. The Huber Heights City Charter was amended for the first time in November, 2016.

The Charter Review Commission was established by a motion of the Huber Heights City Council on February 22, 2016 to study and review the City Charter and to make recommendations regarding provisions that are in conflict with current state law, do not reflect current practices or realities, or are outdated and obsolete.  The recommendations of the Charter Review Commission, as well as input from the public, were presented to the City Council for action by the City Council to initiate the process for any amendments to the City Charter.  Any amendments to the City Charter have to be voted on and approved by the electorate at an election prior to the adoption and implementation of the amendments.  The membership of the Charter Review Commission consists of three members of the Huber Heights City Council, two members of the Huber Heights City Staff who are Huber Heights residents, and four members who are Huber Heights residents.

The Charter Review Commission is currently inactive.

Charter Review Commission MembershipTerm Expires
Nancy Byrge 12/31/2016
Mark Campbell 12/31/2016
Jeff Heinrich 12/31/2016
Josh King, Chair 12/31/2016
David Manship 12/31/2016
John Russell, Vice Chair 12/31/2016
Richard Shaw 12/31/2016
Toni Webb 12/31/2016
Vacant 12/31/2016

For more information, contact the Charter Review Commission staff liaison, Anthony Rodgers, Clerk of Council, at (937) 237-5832. 

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