Ordinance Review Commission

The Ordinance Review Commission is appointed by the City Council at least every ten years per the City Charter.  The Ordinance Review Commission reviews the City Code and other ordinances or resolutions of the City and makes recommendations to the City Council for the elimination or revision of provisions of the City Code and other ordinances or resolutions which may have outlived their usefulness or practicality.  The Ordinance Review Commission was established by the City Charter.

The Ordinance Review Commission meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Council Chambers at Huber Heights City Hall at 6131 Taylorsville Road, Huber Heights, Ohio.  The Ordinance Review Commission is currently in inactive status until the next review in 2020.

Ordinance Review Commission Board MembershipTerm Expires
Ints Kaleps, Chair 12/31/2011
Glenn Otto, Vice Chair 12/31/2011
Anita Brock 12/31/2011
Selena Crace 12/31/2011
Jim Ellis 12/31/2011
Linda Sommerville 12/31/2011
Tyler Starline 12/31/2011

For more information, contact the Ordinance Review Commission staff liaison, Anthony Rodgers, Clerk of Council, at (937) 237-5832.

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