Sidewalk and Street Program

Every year, inspectors from the Huber Heights Engineering Division will inspect concrete surfaces on streets selected for the annual sidewalk program. The property owner is responsible for keeping the sidewalk, curb and gutter next to his or her lot in good condition.

The following is the 2015 sidewalk program street listing:

Beechview Dr. Brandt Pike Celestine Street
Chatsworth Dr. Copley Circle Craftmore Dr.
Dial Dr. Greenlee Court Johannsen Ave.
Lincrest Pl. Locustview Dr. Moorefield Dr.
Old Troy Pike Quailhill Ct. Storck Dr.
 Teakwood Ct.  Wildview Dr.  Woodgate Dr.
Wrenview Ct.    

The following is the 2015 Street Improvements listing

Alter Road from Hemingway (NI) to Celestine (EI)

Blackfoot Street from Navajo (SI) to dead end

Bridgewater Road from Taylorsville (NI) North to MCD driveway Entrance

Cannondale Lane from Deer Valley (NI) to Cul-de-sac

Chambersburg Road from 200' West of Harshmanville to Celestine (WI)

Chatfield Place from Deer Valley (SI) to Cul-de-sac 

Cosner Drive from Brandt (EI) to dead end

Deer Valley Drive from Charlesgate (SI) to Trowbridge (WI)

Executive Blvd. from Brandt (WI) to 5570 L.F. west

Grovehill Drive from Montague (EI) to Citadel (WI)

Harshmanville Road from Longford (SI) to Chambersburg (NI)

Hemingway Road from Haddon (EI) to Alter (WI)

Loblolly Drive from Trowbridge (EI) to dead end

Montague Road from Larcomb (SI) to Grovehill (SI)

Mount Hood from Taylorsville (NI) to beginning of width change

Pennyston Avenue from Pitcairn (WI) to Old Troy Pike (EI)

Powell Road from Old Troy Pike West to FOP Entrance

Rittenhouse Drive from Tomberg (EI) to Harshmanville (WI)

Rittenhouse Drive from Harshmanville (EI) to Rice (WI)

San Juan Court from Brandt (WI) to San Fernando (EI)