Current and Upcoming Projects

The Engineering Department has many construction projects throughout the City of Huber Heights.  Please check for updates on the latest projects.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Engineering Department at 937-237-5810.

Updated 02/22/2024

The Huber Heights Engineering Division has begun another year of the City's annual Sidewalk Repair and Replacement Program. The Sidewalk Program begins each year when the Engineering Division selects an area of the city to perform the work.

  • A City Inspector will make an initial inspection and will place markings on the sidewalk.
  • The City Engineer will then make a final determination as to what work needs to be accomplished.
  • The citizens in the selected area will then be sent a letter describing the program and what steps are to be taken to get the repairs completed. There are two choices presented, the first option for getting the work completed is for the homeowner to hire a private contractor to make the repairs to the lot.
    • The City will provide a list of contractors that are currently bonded with the City. Once a contractor is chosen, they must apply for a permit prior to the work getting started.
    • During the construction, City inspections must be made before and after any concrete is put in place. All work for this option should be completed by December 31st. If the work does not get completed, the City will make the repairs with the program the following spring.
  • The second option is to do nothing, wait until the spring, and allow the City to include your property in the City's bidding process and have the City's contractor perform the work on your behalf.
    • The City will provide an estimated amount for the construction work.
    • After the City hires a contractor and the work is completed, you will receive a bill in the summer for the actual amount of the work completed which includes a 10% administrative fee (2% paid by the City).
    • You may choose to pay the bill by the specified date or have the bill assessed to your property taxes and have the payments spread out over a 5 year period.
    • All bills placed on the property records will incur additional charges of interest and county collection fees for the entire 5 years.

This year's Sidewalk Program is located between Harshmanville Road and Brandt Pike just north of Longford Road. The streets in this year's program are as follows:

  • Greydale drive: from 7300 to 7409 Greydale Drive
  • Maringo Drive: from 7301 to 7416 Maringo Drive
  • Howland Place: 7201 Howland Place
  • Glengate Court: from 7300 to 7315 Glengate Court
  • Encanto Place: from 7100 to 7138 Encanto Place
  • Longford Road: from 6212 to 6712 Longford Road
  • Citadel Drive: from 7100 to 7308 Citadel Drive
  • Highbury Drive: from 6600 Highbury Drive to 6868 Highbury Drive

If there are questions concerning this program, please contact the Huber Heights Engineering Division at (937) 233-1423.

2024 Sidewalk Program Map