Water Bill Design

Design Details

The water bills have a new look! The remittance portion of the bill that appeared on the top of the old bill is now on the bottom section. This portion will clearly state it should be returned with your payment. There is also a chart that will show the last thirteen months of water usage history on your account. The new bill includes a new “Notice” section that will either, thank you for your recent payment, or remind you that a portion of your bill is still past due. View the Sample of Water Bill Design (PDF) for an example bill.

Additional Services

This is just one of the new services offered by Suez Water and the City of Huber Heights. Other services include:

  • The ability to pay your water bill over the internet by visiting the City Website and following the links to “pay your water bill.” (There is a convenience fee for this service).
  • The installation of new radio read water meters to provide monthly meter readings and eliminating estimated bills.
  • Going Green with your water bill! Customers can now switch from traditional method of receiving your bill through the mail to receiving a notice electronically when the your bill is available for viewing. To sign up for this service please call Suez Water at 937-233-3292 and let them know you want to make the switch!