What is a meter pit and who does it belong to?

There is a meter pit located somewhere in your yard, generally in the front part of the yard, but it can be anywhere. Its purpose is to hold and protect the water meter. The water meter measures the water used inside your home. While the City owns the meter the meter pit is owned by the customer and as such is your responsibility to maintain and provide proper protection for the meter at all times. If there is damage to your meter pit, or it is not properly insulated and the meter inside the pit is damaged or frozen due to the conditions of the meter pit, there is a service charge of $25 to attempt to restore service and an additional fee if the meter must be replaced. The meter pit must always be accessible to service personnel. Never place debris inside the meter pit. If the meter reader cannot access the meter due to bushes or other obstructions covering the meter pit, you will be notified to remove the obstruction or trim the bushes back to a manageable level. Though we can now read meters electronically, on occasion it could be necessary to access the water meter to assist you in researching a leak, shut your water off to protect your home from flooding if there is a broken pipe inside the home etc. Please help by keeping the meter pit accessible.

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1. What is a meter pit and who does it belong to?
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