What are my rights as a patient?

All patients rights are protected by Federally Mandated Health  Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) laws. This Notice  of Privacy Practices describes how we may use and disclose your  protected health information to carry out treatment, payment or health  care operations and for other purposes that are permitted or required by  law. It also describes your rights to access and control your protected  health information. Read the notice of privacy practices (PDF) for more information.

Protected health information means health  information, including demographic information, collected from me and  created or received by:

  • Another Health Care Provider
  • Health Care Clearinghouse
  • Health Plan
  • My Employer
  • My Physician

This  protected health information relates to my past, present or future  physical or mental health or condition and identifies me, or there is a  reasonable basis to believe the information may identify me.

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