How will I know what jobs I am qualified for and when to apply?

Whenever a position becomes available for open recruitment, the City of Huber Heights Human Resources Department issues an announcement for the position. The job advertisement and position description is posted on our website.  The job announcement is an excellent source of information that lists the salary, duties of the position, and the requirements necessary to qualify for consideration and the date by which applications must be submitted.  Read the requirements carefully.  The position may require certain education and/or experience, a license and/or certification, and knowledge and/or ability in specific areas.  

A filing deadline appears on every job announcement. You must be certain your application is received in Human Resources by the filing deadline date and time. This means you must allow ample time if you are mailing your application.

The best way to find out what positions the City of Huber Heights is recruiting for is the City website. You can download the City's employment application or you may submit online.  

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