Possible Scenarios & Benefits of HomeSafe

HomeSafe - the peace of mind of knowing someone is keeping an eye on you or your loved one! Imagine living alone without a relative or friend to check on your well-being. What if you or a loved one slipped and fell in the bathroom and could not reach a telephone to call for help?

Over the years, the Huber Heights Fire Division has responded to many delayed calls for help. The patient was sometimes discovered days after an illness or injury occurred. Not every Huber Heights citizen has a close relative or friend who can check on his or her safety and health on a daily basis. This is particularly true for some of our senior and/or disabled citizens. The Huber Heights Fire Division recognized a need for assistance and developed a program to keep in touch with local residents living alone.

Senior Citizens, Disabled Citizens & Other Special Needs Individuals

The HomeSafe program provides a daily "check in" service for Huber Heights residents. HomeSafe was originally designed for senior and/or disabled citizens. However, individuals with other special needs might also benefit from the program.

How Do I Register?

To register for the program, you should contact the Huber Heights Fire Division at 937-233-1564. Or you may download and mail in the HomeSafe application (PDF).

During the registration process, you must provide the Fire Division personnel with a variety of information including:

  • Age
  • Emergency Contact Person
  • Family Doctor
  • Hospital Preference
  • Medication
  • Name

This information is strictly confidential and will be used only in the case of an emergency.

How Do I Check In?

After the registration process, you will receive a telephone number to call daily during a designated time. Huber Heights Fire Division Employees or City of Huber Heights Volunteers will answer the telephone. A voice mail system will allow you to leave a message in the event that all Fire Division Crews are out on an emergency call.

Each day after you call, your name will be recorded on a check sheet. If you do not call in by the end of the designated time period, the Fire Division will attempt to contact you by telephone. If the Fire Division is unable to contact you, personnel will visit your home to check on your well-being.

Call 937-233-1564 for more information.

Help Keep Huber Heights Citizens Safe - Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to answer the HomeSafe line at Fire Station 22. When a HomeSafe member calls, the volunteer records the call on a daily log sheet. If the member does not check in during the specified time, the volunteer then attempts to call the member to ensure their safety. If no one answers at the member’s residence, Fire Division personnel will assist by responding to the residence and checking on the status of the HomeSafe member.

The HomeSafe program provides a lifeline to citizens that do not regularly have someone check on them. As a HomeSafe volunteer, you are a friendly voice that provides a sense of security.

For more information on HomeSafe or how to become a HomeSafe volunteer contact: The Huber Heights Fire Division General Information Line at 233-1564.

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