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Who Must File

The City of Huber Heights has a mandatory filing requirement.  The Income Tax rate of 2.25% (beginning 2015) applies to all who live, work, operate a business within or do business within the City of Huber Heights.  

·     All City of Huber Heights residents are required to register with the Tax Office and file an annual Huber Heights income tax return even if no tax is due.  Residents under 18 years of age do not file a return.

·     All residents engaged in a business within the City of Huber Heights who have any earned income (e.g., from sales, services performed or rental property) must file a return.

·     All non-residents with income earned within Huber Heights or with income taxable to the City of Huber Heights that is not fully withheld by an employer are required to file a Huber Heights income tax return.

·     All non-residents engaged in a business within the City of Huber Heights who have sales, services performed or rental property must file a tax return whether tax is due.

·     All entities operating a business within or doing business within the City of Huber Heights must file an annual Huber Heights income tax return on net profits/losses.

When To File

Individual Returns:     On or before April 15th

Business Returns:       On or before April 15th or the 15th day of the 4th month following the end of the fiscal year.

Withholding Reconciliations:      On or before February 28th

Note:  If the due date falls on a weekend or a federal holiday, the due date will be the following business day.


Each employer located within or doing business within the City of Huber Heights is required to withhold City income tax from all compensation paid to their employees age 18 and over.  The withholding tax must be remitted on a monthly basis unless the amounts are less than $200 per quarter.

Items to Be Included With Return

Individual Returns

  • W-2(s) 
  • W-2 G(s) gambling winnings
  • 1099 Misc. form(s)
  • Complete copy of Federal 1040
  • Applicable schedule(s) A, C, E, F, K-1 and/or 4797 if applicable
  • Documentation for any income reported on your Federal 1040 for as "other income" (Schedule 1 line 8)
  • Copies of other local tax returns or refund requests you have filed
  • Payment of tax due.  Checks/money orders are to be made payable to City of Huber Heights Tax Division.

Business Returns

  • Attach copy of Federal Return (first 5 pages).


  • Credit for taxes withheld/paid to other municipalities is allowed to residents of Huber Heights and is limited to 2.25% of the amount of taxable income on which tax was withheld/paid.
  • No credit is given for county taxes paid.

Declaration of Estimated Taxes

  •  A declaration of estimated tax must be filed by all individuals and business entities who may reasonably expect to have taxable income, if the tax on this income is not or will not be withheld by an employer or employers.
  • A taxpayer’s final return for the preceding year may be used as a basis for computing the declaration of estimated tax for the current year.
  • The declaration and first quarter are due April 15th or the 15th day of the 4th month following the end of the fiscal year.
  • The remaining quarterly payments are due by the 15th day of the 6th, 9th and January after the beginning of the taxable year.
  • In order to avoid the under-payment penalty, 90% of your tax liability must be paid by January 15th of the the following year.


If you are due a refund from the City of Huber Heights the return requesting the refund must be received by April 15th or you will be charged the late filing penalty.  The late filing penalty is $25.00.