Starting a Business


When selecting a location for a new business, it is advised to determine how the property is zoned since the type of business conducted at the location must be a permitted use. To check the zoning of any property located in Huber Heights, simply call City Hall at 937-233-1423 and give the property address. The permitted uses are listed and defined in the Huber Heights Zoning Code.  You may also call Don Millard, Code Enforcement Administrator, at 937-237-5815 with any questions.

Applications, Certificates & Fees

When starting a new business, an application for a certificate of zoning compliance is required prior to opening. The certificate is valid for the life of the business while located at the address applied for.  The application fee is $50.  In the event the business changes locations within the City, a new application is required at no additional fee.

Zoning Compliance/Occupancy Permit  

Advertising Signage

All identifying and advertising signage for any business is required to have a permit. Size and placement requirements, applications, and fees can be found in the Huber Heights Zoning Code or by calling the Huber Heights Zoning Department.

Sign Applications

Before a sign application is submitted, it is a good idea to review the Huber Heights Zoning Code. You can view Chapter 1189 "Signs" here or contact Don Millard, Code Enforcement Administrator, at 937-237-5815.