Leaf Removal

The City of Huber Heights Public Works Division is happy to provide you with prompt and efficient leaf pick-up service. Leaf collection will begin on Monday, November 1, 2021.  We anticipate making two complete passes through the City. Before raking your leaves call the 24-hour Leaf Hot Line at 937-237-3603 or check the city Facebook page for daily crew locations. 


The following guidelines (PDF) provided will ensure a more efficient collection of your leaves.

  • Rake leaves to the area behind the curb as close to the road as possible
  • Leaf crews will not pick up leaves from under, between, or around parked cars. If a vehicle is preventing pick up, the leaves will be left until the next pick-up cycle in your area.
  • Please do not put grass, tree branches, or brush in with leaves (if these materials are placed in your leaf piles your leaves will not be picked up).
  • Have your leaves ready as early as possible and do not try to rake as trucks are approaching.
  • Please be aware that leaf collection creates a fine dust in the air, so plan accordingly.
  • Remember, slow downs occur during the leaf collection program due to inclement weather and equipment failures. Please be patient, we will pick up your leaves.
  • Residents wishing to dispose of their leaves at any time during the leaf pick-up season may bag them and put them out with their trash on their residence collection day, or you may also take your leaves to the Yard Waste Drop-Off Site.  Leaves are accepted at the Yard Waste Site Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. through 2 p.m. Leaves only, no limbs or branches will be accepted!

Map & Street Directory Guide

Find the area of your residence on the map (JPG). The number in that area is the leaf pick-up district you live in. If you are unsure of your section, refer inside to the Street-Directory- (PDF). It contains an alphabetical listing of Huber Heights streets and the corresponding sections. Crews will pick up the leaves, starting with section one and progressing in numerical order through each of the sections.