Snow & Ice Removal

A crew of 19 trained operators are responsible for keeping the City's 421 lane miles of streets and roadways passable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To accomplish this the City has established a comprehensive snow and ice control policy to meet residents' needs and expectations as well as to ensure the safety of people driving within our community. City streets are cleared in priority order. 

The City's present snow and ice control policy establishes the following priorities:

Priority I

Highly traveled main thoroughfares that include:

  • Brandt Pike (State Route 201)
  • Old Troy Pike (State Route 202)
  • State Route 235
  • State Route 4 

(Does not include boulevard sections of any roadway.)

Priority II

All major thoroughfares between State Route201 and State Route202 which include:

  • Harshmanville Road
  • Longford Road
  • Powell Road
  • Fishburg Road
  • Chambersburg Road
  • Taylorsville Road
  • Executive Boulevard
  • Shull Road
  • Carriage Trails Parkway

Priority III

All major thoroughfares to include all roads east of State Route 201 and west of State Route 202 which include:

  • US Route 40 (including Bridgewater Road)
  • Rip Rap Road
  • Taylorsville Road
  • Chambersburg Road
  • Fishburg Road
  • Powell Road
  • Waynetowne Boulevard
  • Nebraska (east of 201)
  • Merily Way
  • Wildcat Road
  • Kellenburger Road
  • Bufort Boulevard
  • Fisher Drive
  • Coca-Cola Boulevard
  • Futura Parkway
  • Technology Boulevard
  • Progress Court
  • Adams Road
  • New Carlisle Pike
  • Lower Valley Pike
  • Center Point 70
  • Bellefontaine Road

Priority IV

  • Includes all remaining residential streets and cul-de-sacs within the City

Declaring A Snow Emergency

In order to maximize street cleaning efforts the City of Huber Heights has established Article 351.21 of the Codified Ordinances, which authorizes the City Manager to declare an emergency for various reasons including excessive snowfall that may require the removal of motor vehicles parked upon affected streets. 

For additional information on snow and ice control in the City of Huber Heights, contact the Public Works Division at 937-233-1562.