Voluntary Pre-Sale Inspection

The City of Huber Heights offers the option of an exterior only inspection of for-sale residential properties prior to the sale closing. While this is an entirely voluntary inspection the results are binding on the seller; any violations must be corrected, and any non-permitted structures or additions must be issued the required permit before a Certificate of Compliance will be issued.

The fee for the initial inspection is $40.00 for a single-family home, $20.00/unit for a multi-unit. One follow-up inspection to verify corrections is included. 

There is the option for the buyer to assume responsibility for bringing violations into compliance. If the initial inspection discovers issues that need corrected and the buyer is unable or unwilling to make those corrections, a “Transfer of Responsibility” document may be issued in which the buyer agrees to make corrections and at the same time allows the City to issue the Certificate of Compliance to the seller. The fee for this service is an additional $25.00.

Feel free to call 937-237-5815 if you have questions regarding this voluntary inspection.