Water Line Repairs

Below is a list of streets where the water department is working or has recently completed work. Those living near these locations whose home experiences a disruption of water service, which requires a boil advisory will find a note at your front door, prior to your service being restored, with further information.  You can also click on "Emergencies & Service Disruption"  for more information about water main breaks, boil advisories etc. Please feel free to contact the water department at 937-233-3292 if you have any additional questions.  You can also use this number to report a possible water main repair 24 hours a day.

In the case of an emergency repair, it is not possible to notify everyone that might be affected by the repair prior to completing this work.  We apologize for the inconvenience but it is necessary in order to make the repair for you and restore your service as quickly as possible. 

Please note:  Boil advisories are not necessary for EPA Type 1 and 2 water main breaks. 

Type 1 - A controlled pipe repair where positive pressure is continuously maintained during repair and there are no signs of contamination/intrusion. 

Type 2 - A controlled component repair, where positive pressure is maintained until controlled shutdown of affected area is completed and no signs of contamination/intrusion.

TBA - To Be Announced     TBD -To be Determined     N/A - Not applicable

Date(s) Location Type of work # of accounts  Boil Advisory? Date Advisory Ended?
01/13/2023 Chesham & Cruxten (intersection) Water Line Repair 0 No N/A
1/19/2023 Locustview from Longford to Angelita. 
6900-6981 Kitty Ct
Water Line Repair 25 Yes 01/21/2023