Employer Withholding Information

·     All employers within or doing business within the City of Huber Heights
       are responsible for withholding the tax of 2.25% on the qualifying
       wages of their employees and remitting the withheld tax on a monthly
       basis to the City on or before the 15th day of the month following such
·     All employers who do business both inside and outside the jurisdiction
       of the City of Huber Heights are required to withhold the tax of 2.25%
       on all compensation earned by their employees who work within the
·     Employers who conduct no business activity within the City of Huber
       Heights may choose to voluntarily withhold the Huber Heights tax for
       those employees who reside within the City of Huber Heights.
       Withholding for Huber Heights residents should be an amount sufficient
       to bring their total local withholding to 2.25% (credit is given to Huber
       Heights residents for local taxes paid to other municipalities up to

Electronic Filing

Electronic filing and payment system will be available for:

2022 Business & Withholding Forms