Block Parties

Block Party Rules:

  • All block parties MUST end by time stated on form. If no time is stated, parties must end by dark.
  • Every residence in the blocked off area must be represented on the form.
  • Block parties may be scheduled for one day only, and a rain date if desired.
  • There must be at least a 30-day time lapse between block parties, and residents may have up to 3 block parties per calendar year.
  • Blockades must be removed after the block party and set out in front of the host residence for the Public Works Division personnel to pick up.
  • Block party area must be cleaned up, blockades removed, and the street returned to general public use immediately following the party.
  • Block parties must remain within the parameters of Ordinance No. 94-0-730 and Ordinance No. 97-0-974 of the City of Huber Heights. Violations will be prosecuted.


If you have questions, contact City Hall at (937) 233-1423, Monday-Friday between the hours of 8a-5p.  For questions regarding the blockades, contact the Public Works Division at (937) 233-1562.