Comprehensive Plan

We need your inputThe Huber Heights Comprehensive Plan is a project initiated by the City that aims to build a movement and coalition around a smart strategy for the future of Huber Heights. Ultimately, the goals of the project are to inclusively share the future land use policies and develop a long-term vision that ensures that strategic physical redevelopment of the area.

Huber Heights is a growing community of Dayton, Ohio, and the regions largest employer, Wright Patterson AFB. Its namesake is that of Huber Homes, a regional home builder that prided itself on quality brick suburban ranch homes and garden apartments, Today, The mid-century portions of the city are looking for a new future while more recent subdivisions are growing to the city's north and east.

The city's economy largely hinges on the crossroad access to Interstates 70 and 75 and has a stable demand for industrial and other highway-facing sectors. Like most first-ring suburbs of its vintage, it is now looking to make the next generation of strategic investments in walkability, trail connectivity to regional MetroParks and trail systems, and more mixed-use centers to replace vacant, legacy commercial centers.

Past Comprehensive Plans